This90 min workshop is for teens 12+ and will explore the concept of mindfulness through all 5 senses. We will explore how mindfulness can support us with challenging emotions and also how we can use it to care for ourselves.

Your teen will be guided through breath and mindfulness practices and will learn how to activate the parasympathetic or ‘rest and digest' part of our nervous system. The workshop will conclude with a short Yin yoga practice.

Yin is a floor based, more meditative practice that involves holding the poses for longer periods of time (typically 2 - 5 mins). It provides an excellent opportunity to 'sit with what is', to tune into our internal state and it also gives a great all over body stretch! There will also be time for questions and reflections.

*Spaces will be strictly limited to ensure a safe and personalised experience and to adhere to social distancing rules.


Yin and Mindfulness for Teens

  • This workshop starts at 2pm at  South Sydney Psychology Suite 2, 2a/16 Boyle St Sutherland.  Please arrive at least 10 minutes early for registration.

    No previous yoga experience is necessary. Please bring your own mat if you can and a towel for use over yoga props.  

  • Transfer to another class offered by Peaceful Warriors may be possible if you provide 48 hours notice. 


    Refunds can be granted provided there is someone on the waitlist that can take your place. For exceptional circumstances please contact to discuss.

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